My name is Phil Rogers, the "PR" in PRCollections. My journey into photography started way back in the mists of time - well the mid 1960's anyway! I started using my parent's cameras and have progressed to two of today's top class cameras and lenses - my main camera is an OlympusOM-D-EM1 MkII and Olympus 17mm lens for nice wide landscape and full body portrait images. I also use an Olympus OM-D-EM1 and Panasonic Leica 45mm lens for head and shoulder portraits. In 2007, I joined the Guild of Photographers and qualified in the wedding section in 2008 with a panel of 20 images. In 2011, I also qualified in the Professional section with merit, again with a panel of 20 images I've been photographing landscapes, portrait and commission work professionally since 2008 and for 20 years before that whilst holding down a full time job. As a member of the Guild, I'm bound by their professional code of conduct. During my time with the Guild, I've gained several national awards for both my wedding and general work - you can see the awarded open images on the Awarded Images pages. Due to data protection, I'm only able to publish the portrait images where the subject has given their permission so there are less displayed than those that have actually been awarded.
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                                         "An image takes a moment to capture but the memory lasts a lifetime."
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